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The knowledge you search for will be reorganized in a completely new way, bringing together in a fresh arrangement.


Just two clicks on the icon.


No need to think, just confirm.


Built on the latest ChatGPT technology, automatically organizing and categorizing.

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All knowledge stored together.

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No learning cost, start using immediately. We leverage AI to accomplish most of the tasks.

Multi platform support

We will continuously focus on all major platforms and scenarios, ensuring fast accessibility in all situations.


We are open to developers, working together to provide innovation for our users.

We provide the best protection for your ideas.

You are constantly generating brilliant ideas, and how to conveniently record and organize these ideas is the goal we strive to achieve. We believe everyone’s ideas are priceless, yet they are fleeting. You need a simple, reliable way to record and organize them anytime, anywhere, and we hope to assist you in doing so. Moreover, we will help you to organize and link these ideas and thoughts more effectively.

Based on the latest AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, we believe we can accomplish this mission more effectively.

“I’m amazed by this application. I can finally organize my thoughts in the way I like, which is so convenient. I hope to recommend it to everyone to use.”

Wade Warren

Why Choose Us


We are deeply passionate about our goal, which is the core driving force behind our efforts.


We continuously invest in infrastructure and uphold high standards for ourselves.


Making ourselves the users first is our primary principle in everything we do. This enables us to think and solve problems entirely from the user’s perspective.

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